Day 1 Challenge: Take some time to think about your biggest challenges, then list down 2-3 of them and write a few lines about why you think they are holding you back.

 In 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge


This is a cop out I know and most people would say this but between my day job, trying to stay healthy both physically and mentally I find it hard to find time to work on my side hustle that I want to turn into my full-time job. I do it and ignore other things but I would like to have a be able to balance it better so that I don’t finish my day and get to bed late which then sets up the next day not great as I know I need to be or will be awake early to get to my day job. I want to have a better balance between my day job and what I need to get done there, my life and maintaining my health and relationships there as well as building this blog to be what I dream it to be and what I dream it to allow me to do. It’s about making priorities and putting what I want first ahead of what other people expect of me.


Again another cop out that is said by most people but as much as it’s annoying to say with more money comes more freedom (to an extent). For instance, if I had more money I could maybe quit my day job earlier as I won’t be worried about paying my mortgage in order to take my side hustle full time. I need to set time aside to set out my personal finances so that each month I am not depending on money I don’t have (credit) to pay for things. Plus I need to work on better spending habits so that I have more money. All things I need to work on myself as it’s not something that comes naturally for me, I have always been lucky with money in terms of if I didn’t have it I had family to help, I am very grateful for this but I need to stop relying on that I need to sort myself out independently.


This is an ongoing struggle I have within myself. I tend to procrastinate over decisions, I um and ah about things and need some form of external validation to allow myself to make a decision. This is something I need to work on, and it’s holding me back by preventing me from trusting that this decision or that decision I make about my blog is the right decision. I just keep questioning my decisions which leaves me stuck in a way rather than moving forward and moving on and building.

 Overactive mind

I always tend to jump from one idea to another which then has me jumping from one task to another which means that I leave a lot of tasks half done before moving onto something else. My mind really does run at a million miles an hour with a million ideas and lightbulb or aha moments that might occur within the space of 5 minutes but the problem with having so much going on is I struggle to focus on one thing. I struggle to stay on one task and make that the best it can be before moving on because I fear that that spark of inspiration or idea will disappear and won’t come back so I need to do that other thing now before it goes away.


This is an ongoing battle I have had with my mind and my body for a long time, I have never been able to find the exact cause of my continued fatigue and inability to wake up feeling refreshed. I have tried a lot of different things but I also have some failings in will power so may not stick to it enough for it to actually create some form of effect over the symptoms. I need to reground myself to get myself reignited with energy, this will require a whole heap of will power as it will mean exercise to fuel my body, eating right to feed my body and drinking more water to hydrate my body.

This blog post is in response Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 1

10 Day Blog Challenge

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