Survived Week 1 So I Cheated a Few Days

 In Lazy Girls Guide to Quitting Sugar

Week 2 – 28/9/2016 – 4/10/2016

As this is a Wednesday to Wednesday diary of my the lazy girls guide to quitting sugar I have to admit that I have opted for some cheat days like the Wednesday that started this week. I went to see the amazing Louis Theroux speak at the State Theatre and as a treat for being so good with the no sugar thing all week I opted to have a salted caramel cchoc top I do have to say though I opted to stick to water rather than my usual coke for my drink as well as some awesome popcorn.
My office gets daily lunches delivered and I do my best to avoid anything that may have sugar by making appropriate choices of the food available. Sometimes this is more of a struggle than other times, like Friday we had Ogalo in our office which would usually be an awesome option as I get to choose exactly what I eat (from their menu). However, I asked specifically to have the sauce on the side as this is most likely where the sugar would be rather than in the meat or the salad, well the bun also but I just deconstructed it. Unfortunately, they failed to listen to my request for sauce on the side and I had a tonne of tartar sauce on my fish burger, I scraped some off but it still annoyed me. I would have preferred to pick up something else if I knew that was going to happen.
Overall however, I have been oddly doing well with this no sugar thing, i did have a few other ‘cheat’ situations over the weekend. It was my puppy’s 1st birthday and I had a BBQ to celebrate so had a cider or two. I also made triple chocolate mini-muffins of which I had one and one thing that I was extremely proud of was that I licked the batter from my finger twice during the baking process. Considering I made a double mixture and would usually lick the bowl dry I was extremely proud of that, I also then had the left over 20 or so mini-muffins in my house for 3 days without touching them. I then took them to my office to get them out of my house and get them eaten. But overall I kept things pretty sugar free, it was a long weekend and went to my brother’s house for a BBQ on the Monday so had another cider but otherwise stuck to water and ate non-sugar food.
I then headed up to my mums for a break and to get really into making some snacks and take away breakfasts in prep for starting the beautiful Sarah Wilson created 8-week I Quit Sugar program on the 13 October. So I will have lots of food related talk next week.

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  • Gemma McKenzie

    Good job so far! I’m not sure I could do it even with a cheat day…could do with giving it a try though! Oh tempting 🙂

    • Jodie

      Hi Gemma,

      Thanks, trust me this is one of the hardest things I have ever done. I am not one to diet or change myself too much I just generally accept what I am doing to myself by doing or not doing something. But the kinesiologist really struck a cord with me and so now I am doing this and feeling so much bette already.

      I do miss sugar a lot but hoping that with more time it will get easier.


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