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Week 3 – 5/10/2016 – 11/10/2016

This week started with me going for a lovely break to visit my mum and my family on the mid north coast of NSW where I grew up. Old Bar is a beautiful small beach side town about 3 hours from Sydney, I never like the drive but man I love visiting. As this was a rest and recharge break I also had the luxury of using my mum’s amazing kitchen, and her belly 😉 , to test out some of the recipes from I Quit Sugar and I Quit Sugar for Life by Sarah Wilson.

Some of the recipes I tested were the Meal in a biscuit, cheesy biscuits, Bacon and Egg Muffins, Frittinis (mini-frittatas), Sarah’s Recalibrating Pork Meal , KFC, Thai red curry bolognese, Parsnip fries and coconut fluffs.

Happily, my mum loved that I was cooking every night and has been hugely supportive of this whole journey and so proud of me for doing it. As mothers do tend to know best she has been worried about my sugar intake for years but as a young independent woman, I was always like no way I love sugar too much. Unfortunately, my body doesn’t.

Although I do need to admit some cheats, although as I am not one to be super strict with any form of diet or lifestyle change but cheats is the easiest word I can think of, I already mentioned the little cheats I had last weekend. Well this week I did something that I won’t be doing for a long time, I don’t think, my Aunty Jude was also visiting over the weekend I was at mum’s and they all decided to have pizza for dinner. I was going to be good and just have some left over KFC (which was delicious BTW), but I had been super good all week only drinking water and eating sugarless elsewhere so treated myself to pizza without guilt.

That was my only slip this week, though, I had enjoyed all the recipes that I was cooking up (with the exception of the coconut fluffs but a small tweak next time might work). I did have some maple syrup on my coconut fluffs as I was trying to work on finding a way for me to like it. I was thoroughly enjoying my break, as was Wally he thoroughly enjoyed my mum’s massive backyard.

It is all going so well, I still have cravings but I have been quite good at just letting them pass or drinking more water to subside them. Even after the log drive from Old Bar to Sydney, I didn’t do what I would usually and grab Macca’s I went home and unpacked the car (which is difficult with a very mummy attached puppy). After that was done I had some lovely leftover Thai Red Curry Bolognese so had that for dinner and it was just as delicious.

Then it was back to work on Monday which is the hardest part of this whole thing, there is an overflowing fridge of soft drinks, jars of chocolate and lollies and also some yummy breakfast cereals. I was good though, I had some Bacon and Egg Muffins to take for breakfast and even with our daily delivered lunches in the office there is usually some choices that I can take that are sugar-free. I was also continuing my bringing coffee from home and that was going well all in all it was going quite well.

Then I had my next appointment with my kinesiologist on Wednesday and I can not describe the excitement she had when she found out I had given up sugar. She said that often when she offers advice like that people might take it with a grain of salt but loved that I was going so full force with it. It proved, she said, that I was serious about getting myself and my health all in check which is true I am definitely serious. We went on with the session and worked a lot on my sinuses which have also been a chronic issue for me.

As I was leaving, however, she just continued to gush over the fact that I had taken the leap and was so happy and excited to see me through this journey. I am still detoxing and working all the toxins out of my body but am feeling the difference already and can’t wait for this to continue. Plus I start Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar 8 Week Program tomorrow so will have buddies to back me up and some kick-ass, if the books are anything to go by, recipes to cook up and consume.

If you are loving reading about my journey and think someone you know may also enjoy it or be inspired to make a change in their life please share.

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