Now I am really annoyed with lack of sleep

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Week 5 – 19/10/2016 – 25/10/2016

One of the things I like more than anything in the world is my sleep, I have block out blinds for optimal darkness but I also wear a sleeping mask to make extra sure (plus I fall asleep with my TV on as background noise to quiet my mind probably not the best option). I love to sleep, anyone that knows me could tell you I am not a morning person, unfortunately, since I got my puppy sleep ins are now sleeping until 7pm. So when I am also not getting good sleep at night plus not eating until 10pm it all adds up to one very unhappy Jodie.

And this didn’t make for a very productive week, I had massive brain fog, tired all the time, and just generally unmotivated and just feeling blah. I was having no luck turning myself around before the end of the week.

I did, however, work out this awesome hack to avoid 10pm eats every night – prepare prepare prepare. I know it sounds silly and kind of like an obvious solution but as I mentioned I haven’t cooked regularly for a while. Well, I had it all worked out instead of spending hours running around the shops to get everything I would jump online and order my groceries to be delivered – genius! Then on Sunday not only would I do the allocated Sunday cook-ups but also prepare any other veggies I could of the week, like cutting up onions and capsicum etc. WOW!!! Mind blown, this is the best idea ever I am an absolute genius.

Oh, wait I am also lazy as, so when Sunday came around I was in my PJs until midday, although I had gone out on Saturday to get anything I wasn’t able to get through the online shop, winning, however, I did buy a few other things. To be fair, however, I needed them. So once the delivery came on Sunday I was like yeah that can be my afternoon job to get up and get it all sorted. Ah yes then I took the puppy for a walk and did some more work on this lovely blog and it was suddenly 5pm.

Ok about time I get this cooking thing going….Check out my first recipe Greek Lamb with Carrot Tzatziki. Oooh sounds nice let us see what’s involved preparation time FIVE HOURS!!!! WHAT! crap, reading the recipe this wasn’t my only overlooked part of the recipe, minimum 2 hours to marinate. So total 7hours prep and cooking time for this lamb and it was already 5pm, yeah so that ain’t happening.

And then all the dominos fell I was buggered after walking Wally, plus wanted to do more blog work and also you know eat. So I swapped the lamb with the next night’s recipe Crispy Cauliflower Tacos and opted to have an overnight marinate for the lamb. I also cut up the ingredients of the salad that was to go with it. However, my big plan to cut up all my veggie for the week disappeared and I just cut up some chilli’s while dinner was cooking and then was done.

I opted for other meals from that week like the crispy cauliflower tacos and whilst I worked on cooking the lamb i made one of the other meals I had assign in the meal plan that week a chicken and cashew stop fry, which I loved and turns out i like cashews. Never knew I liked cashews as i just assumed cause i didn’t like most nuts i didn’t like all nuts, who knew. But the stir fry was absolutely delicious.

This just continued through the week I finally ate the lamb on Tuesday then had a complete mix of stuff for the rest of the week. Plus a lot of veggies left over as I didn’t follow the plan but did order from the shopping list so these had to get used, but that’s next weeks problem.

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  • Venalion

    Ow my, 7 hours of cooking one meal. That is like a full-time job right there. But you did it.

    • Jodie

      Hi Venalion,

      Yeah I know right, it did taste good once I cooked it and my puppy enjoyed the bone but it really was a big job to cook.


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