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I was mid-flight over the Pacific Ocean on my way to my first transit through Vancouver, Canada before eventually getting to a much-needed vacation in Cuba. I had just put Now You See Me 2 on again after just finished watching it for the first time so thought it might be a useful movie to watch to fall asleep too. But the movie’s set-up period was interrupted by the cabin staff on my Air Canada flight, knowing there were some US citizens on board, to announce that the 2016 USA election results were in. Then things changed incontrovertibly forever Trump won. WTF this misogynistic, racist, businessman with absolutely no experience running anything besides his multi-billion dollar company that really survives off the brand he has built. He’s good at that building a brand. The one thing I truly never thought would happen has happened!

Brexit I didn’t think would happen but when it did, it did and I moved on it’s unfortunate and the effects will not be seen for a little while. It was a stupid decision but also shouldn’t have ever been put to a yes or no vote as people needed to have more information to make the decision. You can’t guarantee people will educate themselves so you need to be very careful with the simplicity of complicated questions. Do you want to leave the EU? Yes or No? That is not what should have been asked of the British public, especially with a great scare campaign run by the pro-Brexiters who spread misinformation and half-truths to make their case.


The Australian people elected the Liberal party yet again, avid I do prefer Malcolm Turnbull overTony Abbott, a conservative party that likes to keep Australia socially a few years behind even the stoic Catholic nation of Ireland. That was an embarrassing moment when a nation that has hardline Catholicism at its core, to the point that a women’s right to choose is not really a right there has made gay marriage legal but the young country that I live in hasn’t.

After these things happened I was sure Americans would step up and not fall for the loud mouth shouting things that only a certain part of their society agrees with. This is a country that a woman’s right to choose is already being restricted and they elect a man that shrugs of sexist, misogynistic comments and actions as “locker room talk.” They have legalised gay marriage on a federal level but states continue to do what they can to restrict LBGT communities rights they elect a man who looks physically uncomfortable when discussing homosexuality and has been accused of not being the most open person to those in that community he crosses paths with. A country that every day more and more people are dying at the hands of their fellow countrymen whether on purpose or by accident or by a failure to have proper screening as who can get their hands on semi-automatic weapons. This country has elected a man who has been filmed saying that those “second amendmentors can take care of” his opponent whilst campaigning. There is so much more I can say about Donald Trump and the contradictions that electing him has highlighted in the American society but really this just rounds out a really insane year.

This has been a year when the negativity and hate have come to the surface of all major societies. Where anyone who is different in sexual orientation, gender, race or belief has been put out as another that needs to be taken care of. And by taken care of I don’t mean chicken soup and warm hugs, I mean they need to no longer exist as part of “my” society. The world has become a huge Us vs Them world and the election of Trump to the highest office not only in the land but in the world technically. There is so much power being the US head of state, you can start wars that your allies feel obligated to get involved in, you can lift or destroy governments if you don’t agree with them or they don’t help you.


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We need to bring the light back into the world as 2016 comes to an end we all need to band together to make 2017 the year the light comes back into the world. This needs to be a unified effort we need to stop the separation between the sexes, this means working together to make things equal. Close the gap between the richest nations and the poorest nations, we need to work together to build each other up. And can we in the western entitled world STOP complaining about people who fight tooth and nail to come to our countries looking to get a piece of the riches we have. They shove themselves in tiny boats with thousands of people, they sacrifice their freedom sometimes to just possibly give what they see is a better life to their family.

We all need to work together, work on ourselves, help others work on themselves, work on how we treat ourselves and others. We need to build each other up and make the world bright with the light that shines from within us all! SHARE YOUR LIGHT! Brighten the world by brightening yourself. Make yourself your best self and in turn, this will go towards making the world the best it can be.

Now I want you to pledge with me to shine brightly to make the world lighter by posting the below on Twitter or sharing this on Facebook or Instagram or Pinterest or Reddit or Tumblr or Google+. Wherever you go to shout your word to the world I want you to do it and add in #2017isbright so you can see who else is with you and with me and with us all to make the world brighter.

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  • Kerrymay._.Makes

    Yes, here, here. So many bad mistakes, so many atrocities Worldwide. Nigel Farage (UKIP) also got voted in the EU Parliament. I have no idea what the UK and US voters were thinking through any of. Sad times, but happy times ahead xx

    • Jodie

      Hi Kerry,

      I know right so much crazy in 2016 upwards and onwards to a bigger, better and brighter 2017 let’s all make sure #2017isbright!


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