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Week 6 – 26/10/2016 – 1/11/2016

After the disaster of the lack of lamb in the cook up on Sunday my week continued pretty much out of whack. I ate the lamb, said and carrot tzatziki for Wednesday’s dinner then moved onto to the delicious Thai red curry bolognese but used spirals instead of spaghetti this time as I had already been completely out of whack of meal plan so didn’t bother trying to realign.

Having the Thai red curry bolognese which I knew I loved was useful cause we had some pretty awesome lunches delivered to the office like Mr Crackles which are delicious pork belly rolls and what looked and smelled like delicious fried chicken. I was content however with stir fry and then my curry pasta, although I must have reached my gluten limit as my stomach was less impressed. But alas I carried on and ate for dinner and lunch when I needed. Although over the weekend I opted for less nutritious lunches of just popcorn, chips or maybe a second round of breakfast.

Tuesday was hectic, we had RBA announcement, a company presentation and Melbourne Cup all in one day. I handle all the work stuff well but then all the gorgeous food platters came out for Melbourne cup and well let’s just say I was very tempted but also very well restrained and good. I stuck to the cheese and bikies or the like leaving the fruit, cupcakes and quiches. This period of no-sugar even natural sugars is hard and I am really wanting this feeling of craving the sugar and wanting it when presented with it to pass. People keep telling me how well I will feel and how I won’t even care, when will this happen? I do feel better but I am also still in the detox stage so I am also feeling like crap whilst my body adjusts.

As you can most probably tell I completely ignored the meal plan this week, I needed to use up the veggies and leftover ingredients from last week so set out to find ways to do this rather than opt for purchasing new ingredients to only have to throw a lot out.

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