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Can you remember who you were before the world told you

who you were supposed to be?

 Danielle LaPorte

My So Called Life Live

A bit about me…

Who was I supposed to be? I have what society sees as a great life in my thirties and I own my own apartment, have a mortgage, have an adorable puppy whom I love, I have a day job and beautiful people around me.

But all this is not what my beautiful soul was meant to be doing so I am now on a journey to find what lights me up. What lights the fire in me? What would make me jump out of bed in the morning and get to it? I want my life to be on fire. I want to live my life not just survive. I want to be the person I dream I am in my head.

Join me on this journey and I hope to help you on your own journey in this life both with what I am experiencing now and have in my life.

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Welcome inside my mind

I have always found that I express myself best through the written word. I don’t understand why, however, it took me so long to decide to create a blog and allow the world to read the ramblings and goings on that I often like to express.

I hope you find my blog helpful, insightful, inspirational and enjoyable. I write from my own personal stories, experiences and points of view on topics ranging from wellness, mental health and creating a life you love. Enjoy!

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